The 'Run' button


I can't seem to find or set the Run button on Ruby, does anyone know where I can find the settings for it?


Does that not let you pass the exercise by clicking save and submit?

I'm confused as to what you want from this?


It's the second time it's asked me to press the Run button, after which I guess it displays something on the black screen on the right. But I can't seem to find the so called Run button anywhere.


You were right,it seems as the Run button is the Save & Submit button.
Thanks again.


Sure, you pass the exercise by clicking "Save and submit," but if the exercise mentions that you need to click a "Run" button, then there really should be a "Run" button to click. This causes confusion because you expect the button where none exists; moreover, you expect said non-existent button to deliver results on the screen and not just take you to the next page. This is a bug and it should be fixed.


This is not a bug. Bugs are unintended behavior. It might be bad engineering, but it's not a bug.

After you all have done a couple exercises, you'll get used to that the Save & Submit Code button runs your code.

And in case any of you are interested and haven't noticed, the newer courses do use a button that says "Run" instead :)


Pardon me, but it is a bug. Since the instructions tell you to press Run, and there is no Run button to be found, it is a bug. A minor bug, but still. Like you said, bugs are unintended behavior. The intended behavior was to press Run, and not "Save and submit".
I guess that is why developers don't like QAs. :smirk: