The Result? (Topic 29: So Meta I Can't Take It!)


Hi I don't think there's any problem with my code.
But frankly I don't really understand why the result just a blank.

Can anyone help me?

Here's my code...

// what is this "Object.prototype" anyway...?
var prototypeType = typeof Object.prototype;

// now let's examine it!
var hasOwn = Object.prototype.hasOwnProperty("hasOwnProperty");

Sorry, I'm just curious what result I got. Because the instructions tells that the result may be surprising.


Have you submitted it, yet? It will run when you save it.


Good curiousity there. Mine does output result though. Check this link and hit the run button to see result >> Topic 29: So Meta I Can’t Take It!


It's okay.. It's turns out that I have to refresh the browser. But now I'm curious is it have a problem with my browser or what?

But I will just tag this topic as solved.. Thank you..