The refactor factory....nothing works, every single exercise is infinite loop


im on exercise 5 and so far every single exercise has went into infinite loop when i click run. of course it takes several minutes to time out so i do that a few times until the “get code” button comes up. i click it and its the exact same code that i had entered. ive tried 3 different web browsers and they all do the exact same thing. its pretty irritating to get this far and have to quit because of interface problems.


I have exactly the same problem. infinite loop even if the excercise is correct.


I’m having the same problem. Very frustrating.


As for me nothing works from exercise 2. I have changed line 14 for this prime_array ||= [] (like in instructions), but it still wrong


Same here! Get Code button then gives me the same line as I’ve typed :frowning:


i’m having the same issue as well.

is there a way to omit and advance? don’t want to be stuck here


i submitted a bug report for it yesterday so hopefully it will be cleared up soon. as for now all you can really do is keep hitting run until the “get code” button comes up, then it will let you go on to the next one. once all of those were done i didnt have any other trouble in the next section.


Same problem in many of their exercises, so disgusting. Wasted so much time of every body, very unethical!


Give them a break. It’s a free course and I don’t know if you’ve realized from programming, but bugs are pretty common. Just submit a bug report, use the “Get Code” and move on.


Same problem, you’d think they wouldn’t miss something like this


Same. It’s still happening as of today :confused:
I’m just running it 3x until it times out, then clicking “Get code” because that seems to be the only way to move forward.


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And how the engineers have jerry-rigged it for us to be able to move on. This is a temporary measure, mind, so don’t get too used to it.