The reading sections not allowing access

Has anyone else found this? After the lesson, you are prompted to click the link for further reading. Only a summary of the book is shown and not the chapters referred to.

Raised a ticket for this but not intending to buy the books for the extra reading!

I believe they’re all optional rather than required reading. If anyone knows otherwise then please weigh in.

thanks for clearing that up!

I’m confused by the lack of clarification on this too. It says Read This, not suggested or optional reading. If it’s part of the course - then at the beginning, a list of book needed should be given, so that when we come to this part…ya know…we have the ■■■■ book.

Part of me thinks this is an additional way for code academy to generate income. I’m not opposed to outside reading - I’ve already ordered three other books not suggested by Codecademy to supplement this course.