The pseudos selectors


Je suis bloqué sur ce sujet, je ne sais pas si c'est un bug de l'exercice ou de ma part. J ene trouve pas de solutions sur ce sujet donc je pense que c'est moi, mais j'aimerais avancer. Comme je n'ai pas trouvé de solutions sur ce topic, j'aimerais que quelqu'un en poste une sur ce sélecteur afin que si d'autres personnes se retrouvent sur cette même difficultée, puisse trouve la solution et avancer. Merci

I'm stuck on this subject, I do not know if it's a bug of the year or from me. i have found no solutions on this subject so I think it's me, but I want to move forward. As I did not find solutions on this topic, I would like someone in a position of this switch so that if other people find themselves on the same Difficulty, can find the solution and move forward. Thank you


Voili mon essai de code, j'espère trouve quelqu'un pour m'aider...
Here is my test code, I hope to find someone to help me ...


can i see your css code?


Voilà, c'est du très minimaliste, la leçon c'est :
The pseudos selectors ou sélecteurs multiples...
Je n'arrive à rien dans cette leçon.... Merci pour ta réponse en tous les cas :smile:


did you change the html code? Anyway, all the h3 elements you need to select are nested inside a div, so the correct css selector would be:

div h3 { color: red; }


He didn't work.
The leçon is the selector css, the second task (tle multiple selectors).. how can i use the css to choose only the selectors h3 inside the div? please help me :smile:


oops, i had another exercise in mind. Reset the exercise, you tempered to much with the code. you need to select the h3, which inside a div, which is inside a div, which inside another div (div div div h3)


Arghhh !!!! Thannnkss a lot great friend !!! i can continue :smile:


siggh !now a difficult on leçon let's move your selectors... part 4 ! as usualy, need help ... no funny :disappointed_relieved:


My CSS :
div p


from the instructions:
Put a border with the hex color #3A5FCD around every HTML element. It can be solid, dotted, dashed, 2px, 3px, whatever you like!
everything generally means you need to use the universal selector (*), the border property should have 3 values:

border: border-width border-style border-color;

border-width, border-style and border-color are placeholder words border-width could be 2px, border-style could be dashed/solid and border-color could be red, or a hex-color like #3A5FCD