The problem with code academy

Hey everyone in the community.

I wanted to write a reflection about my experience with code academy. I tried to email the company directly. But, did not find an easy link to do so.

I did the one week trial with codecademy and cancelled. I was really excited with this program and I feel like it has one fatal flaw.

A writer needs to rewrite all the tutorials… at least the first 7% of the course of python that I completed. Even while checking the forums I noticed that a sponsored member of code academy who answers questions did so in jargon. I was coming to this course after already doing a sold 10+ hours of tutorials on youtube. When I got to codecademy everything is obviously written by an expert. But, not by a writer who is attempting to explain technical concepts to a newcomer.

This is a shame because codecademy seems to have immense amounts of potential. And, I am sure it can work for a lot of people. But, I just don’t need to learn coding from a platform that doesn’t do a good job of explaining the process. This is like when you are taking a college course and the professor is extremely knowledgeable about the subject… but, is not an effective teacher.

Good luck.