The problem I continually get with this course!


The material moves at such speeds that there is little to no inherit understanding. It's as though the creator expects the student to understand things like :

-(-(-(-2))) == -2 and 4 >= 16**0.5

I mean seriously this is going from 0 to 100 instantly with zero explanation and a mass of confusion. I personally like logic that can be understood easily and feel that I am not alone by the great number of help posts referring to ambiguity.

Providing the actual real answer can help tremendously speed up the learning process by providing a factual way to reverse engineer whats expected of the student.

Replace this line with your code.


What you got in front of you is pure mathematics that is based on logic as almost everything in programming.
Sooner or later programming becomes hard, not just for you but for everyone because programming is hard and that is the truth. But there is nothing we can't pass if we want, right ? :slight_smile:

So first of all, we know that - and - gives us a +. So -(-(-(-2))) equals to 2.

We are handling with logical operator && which returns true only if left side from && is true and right side of && is true. Example:

true && true === true, everything else will be false.

true && false === false
false && true === false
false && false === false

We need to solve if this logical example is either true or false.
We said above that after 4 minuses we got a plus. So, what is the result of this logic comparison 2 == -2 && 4>= 16**0.5 ?

We can see on the start that left side of && is false where 2 is not equal to -2. So only by that beginning we can be sure that end result will be false.
If we check right side of && we can see that 4 >= 4 which is true.

As the logic above states that true is only when both statements are true and we got false && true which equals to false.


Thanks for your explanations. I think the confusing part is what the instructions are asking. It's unclear what we're supposed to do.


Happened to me a lot of times. Take your time when reading the assignment. People often forget that is more important to understand the assignment really good before start coding. I'm one of that people but I still try to focus on what assignment requires from me to do.


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