The political preaching in (some?) lessons is really off-putting


I guess this is gonna ruffle some feathers, but whoever is in charge of the educational aspect of Codecademy’s courses please take this to heart:

I’ve barely concluded 2 of the career path courses and have already been bombarded with almost half a dozen politically charged articles and mentions in the lessons. Overall the educational service seems pretty nice here, but I came to learn computing science, coding and the like, not to be politically indoctrinated (least of all by third-wave feminism nonsense).
Political commentary (of any kind, even if it wasn’t third-wave feminism) in completely unrelated lessons is distracting, quite off-putting and entirely unnecessary.

I sincerely hope this is due to whoever was responsible for developing those courses being the culprit, and not that every course in this website will suffer from this issue, as I was quite determined to upgrade to Pro for at least a few months for the otherwise excellent content here, but will be quite discouraged to do so if it turns out this is being used as a political platform.

That is all.