The Point of Coding

What is the point of learning all these programming languages? Or am I supposed to learn only 1? I have learned HTML, JavaScript, and have started learning The Command Line and Python (and did a bit in Deploying).

I am also planning to start on Ruby.

If any of you have learned several programming languages on Codecademy, please let me know why you didn’t just pick one. My reason: I love coding, and I want to learn several types of programming. I want to be able to do things that I can’t do in another coding language. Currently I really like Python, which is pretty cool. I like how you don’t have to put ‘var’ in front of variables. I have not learned much about Python, but it seems a lot like JavaScript!

Yeah, that’s why: there are different things that each one can do.

I personally don’t, because most languages do require something;
Most lengthy declarations I’ve come across:
JavaScript: var hello = "world";
Python: hello = "world"
C#: public static string hello = "world";

Which leads me on to:

Yes, it does, to begin with. There are subtle and obvious differences between different languages.

Do some research - not everything is as simple as it seems :wink:


Well, in Python, you directly write the variable name and assign it a value.


I do not understand what you mean.

Which makes it slower than other languages, which require more formal declarations. Basically because “if you tell it what kind of value it needs for the variable, the code is faster”

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OK, I get it.

I like Ruby, too.

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I was thinking about this same thing the other day. (learning 1 vs multiple languages)

I have come to the conclusion in my head that it’s better to stick to one language and become proficient in it. This gives you some depth of programming knowledge, not just surface level concepts. Once you get to the point were you could write the language with your eyes closed, you can start to branch out. Branching out from your main programming language will give you breadth of programming knowledge. Also, It’s harder to learn multiple languages if you don’t have a certain depth of knowledge from one language I’ve found.

The time spent studying several programming languages on Codecademy is still worth your time however. The website offers a nice overview of multiple languages, so as a beginner it is nice to look around a bit and see if some languages click with you.

As for Python vs JavaScript. Yes, I find them to be very similar from a paradigm standpoint. Once you have learned one oop language the others shouldn’t be too difficult to learn. If you would like to learn several types of programming, I would recommend also learning a functional programming language like Haskell, Clojure, Lisp, F#, Scala, OCaml, Elixir.