The PHP tutorial is so broken

I’m on the very last part, but the editor won’t register any new input. Even when I delete all my code, it still thinks I have an infinite loop that I accidentally created before my code was finished. I’ve tried refreshing the page at least 30 times and restarted my computer. Also the output interface won’t load. How do I fix this?

Plz help me.

Codecademy is so annoying and so buggy.

Try clearing your browser cache then restarting

I have tried restarting, but what do you mean by "browser crash?

Sorry - autocorrect!

I mean cache :smile:

Day 2 bump. The worst part is that there’s no way to report the bug to Codecademy.

Bumpity bump bump a’bump.

The PHP course is really broken, but it’s also really old, and will be removed this year. Don’t expect a fix.

Anywho, I’ve moved this topic to the correct category for bug reporting, so that others who have trouble like you will see this.

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