The personal website developed and deployed thanks to Codecademy

Hello hive, just wanted to pop in and share the personal website (see profile), I put together almost entirely based on what I learned here. Thanks to Codecademy I went from zero web design experience to becoming relatively proficient in HTML/CSS (and other related things such as flexbox, responsive design, etc.) There’s of course always room for improvement - and all comments / suggestions are appreciated - but I just wanted to offer this as a bit of inspiration for beginner designers. If I can do it, so can you!

P.S. To look up the code, go to my github profile linked on the site.


Thanks for sharing @zoobereq! That’s awesome.

That’s really cool! Congratulations!

One suggestion that I do have…don’t mix serif and sans-serif fonts.
I think it’s a little bit difficult to read serif styled fonts. Maybe keep them all sans-serif(?) I like the font-family: “Julius Sans One” over the “Crimson Pro”.

But, to paraphrase what The Dude said, ‘that’s just, like, my opinion, man.’

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Good suggestion @lisalisaj Let me bounce the idea around and see what other say. Thank you :pray:

I mean, maybe it’s a kerning issue with the serif font. (?)

Take the NYT’s site. They use two different fonts–“Cheltenham” (serif) and “Franklin” (sans-serif). But, the space between the letters of their serif font is a bit greater and pretty easy to read.
Again, that’s just my .02

Maybe rather than swapping out fonts, I can start by increasing the line height and see what that does?

Kerning is the space between the letters.
Yep, maybe Google Fonts has one.(?)