The O Shortcut


As far as I can tell my code is correct but I keep receiving an error message.
Can't spot the error!
Also, none of the exercises are displaying properly when I open the full screen option. Tested in both Chrome and IE.
Any help appreciated!

var main = function(){

    if (event.which === 111) {



Hi Daniel,

  • Line 2, you need a set of parenthesis (()) right before the opening curly brace ({), like this: (function() {
  • Lines 3 and 5, there shouldn't be a dot (.) before the class name: ('current')

Good luck with the rest of the course, and please let me know if you have any questions about anything :)


Ahhhh, now I see. Perfect. Works in the browser now too. Very helpful, thank you!

Does this mean that my code passed lesson 6 with errors in it?
When I step back to lesson 6 the parentheses and dots are still there, but the lesson is marked correct.


Apparently, yes :confused: