The o shortcut, step 7


i dont understand what i am doing wrong,

7 - The o shortcut

@jedimaster94 add/remove/toggleClass() don’t use a dot (.) before the class name, because they know they’re getting a class as an input. It’s only when you’ve got multiple options (#id, .class, tag) that you need to differentiate the class by using a dot :slight_smile:

$('.x') vs $('x') When do I use period?

How exactly did you get removeclass add class there’s absolutely no mention of that in any lessons prior to that. This is what is frustrating, you ask how to do A and B and somebody gives you an answer with C D and F.


Could you explain your problem in further detail?



They’re jQuery functions. JQuery is a JavaScript library that makes some stuff easier.

I’m pretty sure there was, but there doesn’t need to be as long as they explain the stuff in that lesson.

Jedimaster94 has a different question than you. I answered your question here. If that answer isn’t helpful to you, please ask for clarification/extra details over on your topic.
But expecting a post answering a different question than what you want to know to answer your question is ridiculous.


@antimatter_ and @emgo_dev, if removeclass and addclass aren’t covered yet, i recommend to the jquery course first, before doing making a interactive website course.

If you have questions, please make your own topic. Otherwise the forum is getting a huge clutter


Great thank you…


You’re right, thank you.


ok, so that’s why.

Thank you. I’m going there now.


Yes, before make a interactive website you should do html + css and jquery, so you are familair with the fundamentals of both languages.


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