The new website course

I personally love the fact that the course is getting an update, but it would be better if they wouldn’t remove the old course let there be two courses. After all the more practice the better you get.

I really hope one of the codecademy’s coders will see this and decide to not delete the old course.

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Much as we may favor this view, it may be too late to turn back as the bus has left the station and wheels are in motion. Think we’re just going to have to take this one on chin. (I’ve been wrong before.)


I know that a lot of people have found the old MaW course really helpful, but I didn’t like it very much at all. I didn’t learn much from it, even though I was covering stuff I didn’t know when I took it.

The new MaW course is a lot better, I think. I know a lot of people want both courses to stay, but I really think it’s better to just delete the old one and have people take only the new one - after all, there’s two advantages two deleting the old MaW course:

  1. There won’t be two “Make a Website” courses, which would lead to confusion with people trying to figure out which course they want to take
  2. It will allow Codecademy to remove a lot of outdated code that was used only for that course. It doesn’t really affect us very noticeably, but still - if the devs at Codecademy aren’t maintaining outdated code, they can work on other stuff :slight_smile:

That’s just my opinion on the subject…


Not maintaining and erasing are two different things. I’m not clear on what is happening on the whole, but it looks to me like erasing. It’s not unlike CC to erase things and it is what has created an air of distrust among stalwarts. At least what I sense, anyway.

If the labs go, I’m screwed. That’s one example.

[Edit: August 20, 2017]

I’m softening my opinion, of late, given the situation out in the real world where CC has to compete for revenue and investor dollars. There are some harsh realities out there given the current state of the global economy. Other sandboxes have fallen and this one was at one time on the brink of joining them. Some change is going to be necessary, whether it’s trimming fat where expense is not justified, or giving up expensive licensing that has become too prohibitive. From here on, it will be wait and see, and hope for the best.

Oh, and the labs going is now a reality, but I’ve almost got that covered. I should have enough time to clean up my own activity as well as take a good look at the forums. Eventually all trace of the labs will be removed from discuss.

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