The n shortcut 2


I couldn't complete this exercise /.I'm getting error message .what's wrong in my code .please help me .

 var main = function() {

if(event.which === 111){ 
else if(event.which === 110) {
var currentArticle = $('.current');
var nextArticle =;



Hi Radheshyam,

Please post a link to the exercise you're on and the error message you're getting so we can help you :slight_smile:

In the meantime, try these two things:

  1. Use indentation. Proper whitespace makes finding problems in your code much easier.
  2. Add a closing parenthesis ()) after your closing curly brace on the third to last line to close your $(document).keypress(...); part

I Stucked in this exercise .and

Oops, try again. It looks like the n key isn't moving to the next article. Remember to remove the 'current' class from currentArticle and place it on nextArticle.
This is the Error message i'm getting.


Thanks to zystvan ..In other page I got the solution.


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