The Most Frustrating thing the world


As a long time programmer, it is really fucking_!!! annoying trying to match one accepted solution. Any person with some programming knowledge would agree that programming is very open, and there are multiple solutions to a single problem. There are many many solutions to any one problem.
Going through Exercise 1.8: Your own while / else has been really frustrating, because I have provided many solutions that work, yet your interpreter would not accept them.

When running this same exact code on here, the interpreter does not accept it as a valid answer. WTF!?!
Image on Codecademy

Python Idle Image

For the beginner programmer, this is probably really frustrating, and it such things that discourage people from learning. Beginner programmers probably would think that their solutions are wrong, and that they just "aren't smart enough to figure it out" or something else, when in reality it is not their fault. I hope that you guys test your system thoroughly and fix issues like this, because such issues cause frustration and discourage others from learning code.


The CodeCademy image when running the code from example 2 on CodeCademy
Image Codecademy


you need to use while/else, codecademy wants to teach you a concept, to do so, the code is only accepted once you implemented this concept

While in a learning environment, sometimes stricter rules apply

But using while/else would be more effective, why not go for that solution?


The 'else' needs to be indented to the same level as the 'while' statement.


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