The mentioned average salary - Monthly or Yearly?

The salary mentioned is Annually? Right?

For what, specifically?

and yes, “avg. salary” is annually.

If you mean which path, it it the NLP one. If not, I didn’t understand you.
Oh, nice! Thanks for replying btw!

Salary also depends on years of experience and where one works, public vs. private sectors. Nonprofits tend to pay less.

In the U.S.:

Oh! Thats pretty reasonable! But in any case, me wworking in a non-profit comapny is extremely low XD. And ince I’m an Indian(but want to work somewhere else, tech jobs in India sucks, about 80,000INR(958.88$) for a software-engineer! I want to work somewhere in europe or east asia. Would do a bit of research to “where-I’ll-work” after completing college. Thanks for the quicj answer btw!

Thanks for the tip! May Good luck be with you too!