The Lost Dungeon - Python Terminal DEMO RPG Game

In this project I developed a (very short) Python text-based RPG game in which multiple choices can be made, different dialogues bring different responses, and each character has their very own personality. All of this combined with a slight amount of silliness! :banana:

The code was mostly developed by me (with some help from Stack Overflow I won’t lie) and entirely written in Python. I took this project as a chance to challenge myself to maximum while doing some stuff I really enjoy for my first portfolio project: games. :space_invader:

Functions such as textAnimation(), menu(), and phoneMessage(), are some of the most complex and interesting parts of my code which you might be interested in taking a look! :mag:

All in all, I can say I had a lot fun developing this game and that’s why I really hope you also enjoy! :heart:

(My only wish was that I could make the dungeon actually appear, but I took too much time on that phone thing…)