The localhost does not update with new line of code

Hi, I’m trying to go through the Predicting Income With Social Data Project (

But I’ve encountered a problem, the localhost does not produce the updated line of code. I’ve tried switching browser and resetting the project, but the problem still occurs. Is this a bug or something? Would appreciate any help on this. I’ve been stuck on this hours.

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Very frustrating that you didn’t get any answer. I have the same problem. No answer means that I cannot finish the course.

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Hello everyone,

I am also having the same problem. That why I am trying to use the csv file to do the project with R Studio.
But I have some trouble using the file. The data structure that i am using is not great.
See under:

df ← read.csv(“psid_2017.csv”, header = T, sep = “,”, quote= “”)