The link did not work


Should we use '' as in : <a href="">This Is A Link To Wikipedia</a> or we can ignore ''? Ask so because when i put '' the link did not work,even if the command was to add the URL with it.


The question is unclear. What are you asking?


Hi,mtf.I' wondering if it's really necessary the use of quotation marks('') inside the value of the attribute.In this case,the use of quotation mark before and after the value of the hyperlink reference(href),which is an URL.


Hi,mtf.I'm wondering if it's really necessary the use of quotation marks before and after the value of an attributte,such as in the example.I was supposed to use quotation marks before and after the URL,but when I use it and click in the link of the screen in the right,it did not work.In the other hand,when i did not put quotation marks(''),it did work.


Okay, that is what I thought you were asking, but wasn't sure. Thanks for clarifying.

Style guides are pretty much in agreement as to how we should treat HTML attributes: Always quote their values.

HTML 4 allowed,

height=200, width=200

But XHTML did not. HTML5 does have the relaxed rules of HTML 4 when served as text/html, but must conform to XML standards when served as application/xml.

We get better results cross-device when we conform to the style guide recommendations, and it makes our markup easier to read. As an old-time purist I am hard and fast on using double quotes on all HTML attributes, but single are okay.


WOW,thanks for your help,mtf. I was itching for an answer like that.I'm looking forward to be an old-time purist as well.From now on,I'll follow the style guide recommendation.


It would be a good segue to research all the HTML attributes for a study session. There are a number of boolean attributes that are written differently.


<input type="checkbox" checked>


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