The lesson for "elseif" is not clear


It's not code, it's the lesson itself. By chapter 4, "if/else" is mentioned, but the lessons are lacking "elseif" even though mentioning in the prompt in the code, and the following lesson expects one to already know the use of "elseif."

All Together Now!
Great work! Now let's practice using if / else statements. Do as much as you can by yourself, but if you need a reminder, click the "Stuck? Get a hint!" button below.

        // Write your if/elseif/else statement here!


Glance at the Past!
Let's begin by first refreshing what we have done in the previous course.

Write an if/elseif/else statement inside the editor and make it output anything you wish.

Please correct, I understand the elseif statement, but the lesson doesn't acknowledge it.



We are aware of this minor issue in a very old course. It will never likely ever be fixed as we no longer have the tools. There is no difference between else if and elseif so just go along with it and use it like you would normally use else if.


Thanks, unfortunate for new users to programming, but not the end of the world. There is the rest of the internet I suppose, haha.


What is unfortunate is that the PHP track is very brief and is not augmented by any extra study modules. We only scratch the surface. If you are serious about learning PHP then you will have to dig around the internet and maybe find a book or two on the subject. SitePoint used to have a really good book on how to build a PHP/mySQL website.

PHP is a server-side language, so you will need an environment for writing and testing. Know that PHP is not a friendly language. It does not issue error messages, but if the server is configured properly, it will log them in a file inside the directory containing the page with the error. Expect lots of white screens until you are fluent with the language.


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