The JavScript 'Whale Talk' project is not complete

Hello everyone, so either I am way too tired or this project is missing some parts. The step-by-step tasks only mention the letters in the for loop which we are supposed to double (e and u). So if I follow the project step-by-step until the final task I will never get the expected result. Or am I missing something?

You’re missing something, HINT: Use nested loop and nested conditional statement (if/else/else if).

Well i know what to do to make it work and I did that on my own. I just can’t see the instructions to do it at any point in the 13 tasks. At one point you’re asked to compare your results but you are only told to write a loop for e and u at that point.

Yeah, as the projects get harder, get used to incomplete instructions!

Within the codecademy lesson there is a way to lodge a bug or complaint about the content - “Get Unstuck” >> “Help Options” >> “Bugs”

I don’t know whether it is a mistake on their part, or if they intentionally structure it so we get used to problem solving… its proven people learn better from mistakes… and a big part of coding is problem-solving… and it brings us to the forums to learn from each other - which is much more like a work-environment.

So while it can be frustrating, I try to see it as a learning opportunity.

Yea in my opinion it is highly confusing to make step-by-step tasks but then have incomplete instructions. At least tell me to figure the rest out on my own or something. This way i will just follow 13 steps and at the end realize that i either missed something or they missed something. I think i will file a bug, thanks for the info!

Just out of interest: Which instruction did you miss?

Instructions to add a, i or o. Anything else than the doubled letters.

That’s step 10 I guess.

But step 10 only tells me to double the letter u?

Ah ok, I see. While they mention the .push() method for the doubled letters, they do not for the first pushes. The other way around might be more useful…