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As you can see here I have competed the assignment yet I am unable to put a check mark into the No.2. As far as I can tell everything is the same as the instructions

Thank you


This may be a silly question but—did you hit run? Or did nothing happen after doing so? I would attempt refreshing the code otherwise.

Yes I did. That is why the Jet Set Travel agency header is large. I just reran the program and this time it did allow me to click on No.2. Next time I will try twice if needed. Thanks.
Further note: As is shown on the snip I had already included the "Click Here"line into the code. I clicked on box no.3 and nothing. I reran the code and the box came up an x in the box. I reran the code again and No.3 box then came up with a check mark. If it does not work retry running the code.

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