The instructions are not clear enough

Hi there,
I am not sure, do I use the reddit api to allow interactivity such as up voting and down voting. I don’t think I need to reinvent the wheel…
When they ask me to build the components do I need to make a component for allowing a user to up vote? do I need to do the same for comments?
I really don’t know what I am meant to make and use from the reddit api.
Some please explain I am confused and the example doesn’t answer if the API is providing the posts and functionality from reddit.

I don’t want to waste time building something for nothing because I don’t understand the instructions.

Is this a project? Could you name it and add a link. It’s not one I’ve covered but it may help anyone else who comes across your query.

The following FAQ has some good advice for setting up a question-

It is the Reddit React redux project.
I want to know if I need to make components that just hold the data received from the reddit API.json.
Do I need to use redux to change what is displayed on the page via actions and reducers?.
I have never used the reddit API before in javascript. Do I need to npm install it and create a account in reddit and then go to preferences and make a project on there to get a API key so I can fetch the data from reddit for my project.
The project is found in the front end developer and full stack developer paths on codecademy.

Thanks for getting back to me and if you need clarification on anything please ask and I will try and elaborate. I am trying to research this stuff but I just want to know what I need to use the API for and make sure I am not rebuilding the wheel and wasting time doing that if the API and project does not require I give users the ability to post a comment etc.

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