The Importance of Learning Data Structures and Algorithms: Recommended Resources for Free Learning

Learning Data Structures and Algorithms (DSA) is essential for becoming a well-rounded developer. DSA provides insights into the significance of time complexity and CPU cycles, enabling developers to refine their code, optimize it, and reduce its time complexity.

Here are some recommended resources for learning DSA:

  1. Algorithms by Princeton University: This underrated course offers comprehensive coverage of various essential algorithms and data structures. It can be accessed through Coursera.
  2. DSA playlist by Stanford University: This educational series, available on YouTube, provides valuable insights into data structures and algorithms. You can access it here.
  3. LeetCode: LeetCode is an online platform that offers a collection of DSA questions. It serves as an excellent resource for practicing DSA and preparing for interview questions. If you are new to DSA, it is recommended to start with the easy-level questions. You can visit LeetCode at
  4. Data Structures and Algorithms in Java by the book: This book focuses on teaching DSA concepts using the Java programming language. It serves as a valuable reference for understanding DSA principles. The book can be found here.

By leveraging these resources, you can enhance your knowledge of DSA and improve your overall coding skills. Also try to be consistent when it comes to learning DSA try to give atleast a hour daily.

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Are there any Codecademy resources that you’d recommend?

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Hey @midlindner, Yes I was learning hash map and tress from this course on codecademy but you need the sub for this its not free. I have recently started learning DSA from start as the last time I was doing it for my semester exams. You want to learn DSA? We can learn it together and share doubts and solution if you want.