The image in part 7 of make a website isn't working.(help please)


Hi, can anyone help me? I don't understand what did I do wrong. In this lesson it seems like the image isn't working. Help me please. Thanks

<img scr=""/>


It's just a typo.
You wrote scr when it should be src.


hello, i am having the same problem, however i dont seem to have any typos.


that is the code i am writing and it wont let me progress to the next stage. i have done everything that has been advised on previous threads and nothing seems to be working. Please help.


Separate img andsrc, there should be a space between them.


i have done that and it still doesnt work.


i have seen the errors of my ways, it should be codecadamy not codeacademy.


hi i did everything the wright way no typos space is where it should be and it still won't let me move on


Please, post your own code. You can't be too certain it's as exact as other's.



do you see that that is what i typed on the site and i still can't move on


Please, use the code format symbol to copy and paste your code < / >. Currently, I only see an image of bicycles. :slight_smile:


<img src= ''/>


her it is
<img src= ''/>


You should be using a double quote and not a single quote. See below.

<img src=""/>


thank you for helping


it still isn't working even with the double here is the code

<img src= ""/>


You edited my code.

See, there is not meant to be any space after the opening quotation mark.

Please, attach access URL.

Thank you.


i'm sorry but on the computer i don't know what an access URL is


that is the only thing i don't know


never mind i just got it to work thank you for the help