The ide for c# and maybe others is so broken to the point where I'm thinking about finding another online programing school

Every single time I go to run my code it always gives me a workspace error even if I chose to replace my code with the solution it always doesnt work. this is super frustrating for me and as a kid who does computer based learning I need a properly functioning ide to learn coding. and if I use an external ide that wont work because I can advance to the next questions. sometimes it doesnt give me a workspace error it just strait up doe NOT work doesnt run nothing. please fix this error or I will have to bring my education and my business elsewhere

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Hello @josiah4528, welcome to the forums! If you post your code, and a screenshot of what’s happening, we may be able to help you.


Theres nothing to really screen shot. when I run my code it does nothing most of the time. not even an error

Indeed, so can you please send your code, and, if possible, a screenshot, as that would allow us to help you. It may be a case of an infinite loop, terminal interruption or something else.


When I click run on this it does nothing

Could you post a link to the exercise as well, please?
I found it:

In this lesson, as well as many others, you have a bash terminal on the right. Clicking Run in this exercise only saves your code. To run it, you type, dotnet run in the bash terminal. See the insructions:



Thank you. that helped with one problem

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Are you experiencing other difficulties with a lesson?