~~ The humble bumblebee ~~


Hello guys,
Today I want to inform you a bit about a topic that I have been thinking a lot about recently.


So, if you didn't already know, Bumblebees are little flying teddy-bears (see below), that pollinate flowers (mates them together) by covering themselves in 'pollen' from the flowers, and flying to others and spreading the pollen around.

Bumblebee numbers are declining! :cry:

The number of Bumblebees is Europe, North America and Asia has been declining for the past few years, and it's declining rapidly. This is because of various reasons which you can find online, but I'm going to tell you about just one:

One way that bumblebees die is being drunk. Not in the same way as humans, but almost. Bees can and do get drunk or 'high' on pollen when they get too much, and this makes them act funny, like with humans and drugs/alcohol (I know alcohol is a drug). Because they are in this state, they cannot fly or walk properly, so this makes them very vulnerable.

When people see these poor little teddy-bears stumbling around on the ground, a lot of people think that they are seeing a dying bee, although it's just high, and decide to 'put it out of it's misery' and kill it.

They don't need to be killed!

It really bugs me when people kill bees for this reason, because it isn't valid - they're high, not dying, give 'em a break!

How to help drunk bees:
If you see a bee that is acting weird like this, DON'T KILL IT! Give it some sugary water solution - this will help it (like coffee and tea for drunk humans), and give it shelter.

Save the bees!

I beelieve we can do it!

...Without bees we wouldn't be here, so we kinda need to save them...




I have several of those. Here is one: