The House - A Text-based Adventure Puzzle Game

Hey guys,

Here’s my completed project for the first section of the Computer Science path, a text-based adventure game! I ran into a lot more issues than I initially thought I would, and ended up using a good friend of mine as a playtester, but would really appreciate any further feedback.

I’ve created a text-based adventure puzzle game that meets all criteria for the final project. The game includes several ways for the player to meet their untimely demise, so be careful! It could be a piece of the puzzle, or it could be death!

I’ve included an inventory system and unique text for nearly every situation and angle, including repeated visits.

Play the game here.


Hello nightlibrarian,

Just died a few times, and watched your code. Incredible work !

For the feedback, I’d add some lines (or a “-----------------” before each new message), so you can more easily read the text after each choice (knowing quicker in which line to start). And maybe put the inventory in parenthesis. But once again, great job !

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Excellent class implementation. Can learn something from this.

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Hi Vincent!

Thank you so much for the feedback! I’ll work on implementing your suggestions.

Thank you again!

We would love to hear your views and learn from your insights into OOP. It is so beautifully illustrated in your source code but I am wont to defer to your explanation of same. Where did you learn to implement Python classes in so refined a manner?

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Hi mtf,

I previously had taken some college classes that taught me OOP through C++ and Java, but never tried doing anything on my own until I started learning Python. I adopted OOP as my default way of approaching coding challenges and things just kinda went from there.

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Would it were we could adopt the same approach, but among the newbies, we must stay more procedural, imperative and naive. It’s just so nice to get a breath of fresh air.

Should you see the opportunity (as in a receptive and apt learner) to share your insight, we would all be greatly in your debt. Keep your eyes peeled, as will we.

It is not unusual to see the question asking why we need classes or what is the point of classes, &c. We could use some explanation at the learner level. There are so many learners who just need that twist in their tuition. You could be the one to give it to them.

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The items module will take a learner some time to absorb. Especially early on. Since neither of us are newbies we might fall into the blindness trap in that we no longer see things the way learners do. We can see there are several concepts wrapped up in that. Yes, they may be simple, almost trivial, yet a learner doesn’t see it that way. We’ve been there. I make it a point to daily put myself back there.

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I can see what you mean. I find it hard to remember what it was like before really learning programming, that concept is now hard to grasp. I’ll do what I can, where I can, to help new learners get into the mindset of it all.

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This game has now been updated based on @vincentlejeune104092 's suggestions. Thank you for the feedback!


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