The heading

I did not use ‘/’ in the closing tag,but still the heading which I wrote between the tags displayed in the preview. Something like this

Welcome to CodeBlocks!

So is this a syntax error which wont run on an actual platform right?

html5 allows the closing tag to be omitted, however as you can see in your forum post, now both lines are heading, given you have 2 heading opening tags

I don’t know how the second line turned out to be a heading, that wasn’t written between tags.
The first phrase however was written between tags.
Anyway thank you for pointing out the fact the HTML5 is fine with not using ‘/’ in the closing tag.
Just a clarification,will it run without any syntax errors while making a website?
Again, thank you for your input.

because you have two <h1> opening tags. So it will register as two headings of type h1

that is not what i said, i said the closing tag can be omitted. If you want the closing tag, the slash is needed.

Oh! Now everything is clear. Thank You :slight_smile:

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