The Great Robot Race - Problem with the Codecademy System

There is apparently a problem with The Great Robot Race project in the Intermediate Python 3 course. Going through the forum I see that many people have had what appears to be a similar problem.

It appears that the Codecademy Python system throws you to a different output console (or output file) if you have an infinite loop in your code that you allow to run for longer than their system likes. When this happens, your output console will become a file called “bash.” From that point on, when you press “Save” to save your updates to your code and run the program, you will find that nothing happens in the output console. To test this, you can put a simple print command at the beginning of your file - if it is not printing to the console, you are stuck like I was in this “bash” wasteland.

In order to get to a new console that works properly, you need to select “Fork” in the upper right corner, next to “Get Unstuck.” This will open up a new tab in your browser with all of the code you already wrote but with the console properly booted up. Your console will no longer be a file called “bash.” From there, you can run your code again and it should output. (But if you still have an infinite loop, you may find that your console gets set back to that “bash” file).

I hope others that get stuck on this project like I and so many others because of this problem find this solution. I wasted many hours trying to figure out this problem. That time had nothing to do with learning how to write Python code - it was specific to Codecademy’s environment. It was time I did not have to waste, time you probably don’t want to waste, so I hope this post to this forum saves your time!

I have pointed out to the very helpful customer service person at Codecademy that this is a quality problem and it should be addressed. I hope they fix this.


I haven’t done this project. But with an infinite loop, you usually have to either reload the page or close the tab and open the exercise again in a fresh tab. Some exercises may handle an infinite loop by timing out, but usually the page needs to be reloaded. Even in environments outside Codecademy, infinite loops can be tricky and normally require user intervention to be stopped. The program may have to be shut down via the mouse or through keyboard interrupts such as CTRL + C.

while not rr.is_race_over(bots) and num_of_turns < max_turns: # For every bot in the list of bots, if the bot has not reached the end, add a new move to the robot_moves deque # Add your code below! for bot in bots: robot_moves.append(rr.compute_robot_logic(walls, goal, bot))

I face with this problem also. I found that when I add element to deque, system goes into infinite loop after pressing Save button.
The only thing I can do is resetting the exercise.

I found the problem and fixed it.

The project seems to be too difficult for Learn Intermediate Python 3 course!
I should have used hints almost for every task. For me, it means that I didn’t understand the task or idea how to do it, so the whole project doesn’t make much sense,
because we can’t teach only by copy-pasting examples!

You should give more explanation and examples before such project!