The Good Old Days

Anyone else still enjoy playing old video games, like the original Mario, or Nintendo 64 donkey Kong?

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  • I haven’t thought of them in twenty years.

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Does anyone know what code languages those were written in? :thinking: :thinking:

Having seen someone do a very unique speedrun that relied on manipulating the instruction set, I reckon the old NES games - like the original Mario - would have been written in Assembly.

I think programming for the N64, and the PlayStation as well, was a combination of C and Assembly.

My brother and I used to play Intellivision. Remember that console from the late 70s/early 80s?


I remember the TV commercials, but never knew anyone that had one. We had the Atari 2600 in the 80s.

We don’t have an intellivision but we still have a nintendo, and Atari flashbacks on playstation 4

Intellivision is way before my time…

My first venture into games consoles came by way of the Sega Master System. :+1:

Same here actually, but I still enjoy old video games for a number of reasons. For one thing, they usually took less than five seconds to load. For another, they couldn’t get viruses from online hackers. And finally, they didn’t get 500 meg updates every other day.

I bought a Nintendo Switch at the beginning of the year, and in all honesty I think I’ve spent more time playing the NES/SNES emulators than I have anything else.

Never had them as a kid, so I’m playing the original Mario games for the first time… and man are they tough! Sonic was a doddle in comparison…

Original Mario was a fun one, especially with no checkpoints. I’ve seen a guy beat the whole game in under ten minutes though. They have a few secret spots were you can skip about seven worlds, get infinite lives and then head straight to Bowser.

Civilization 3 is the best!

I’ve never played it but I’ve seen one of the new ones and thought about getting it.

You should, it’s a fantastic game.

The only reason I haven’t is that its an online game and I keep my desktop off of the internet so that I don’t have to worry about anti-viruses, and can still run Windows seven :rofl:

I’d put it on my cromebook that I use for online, but I don’t think it will run Crome OS, and the Crome doesn’t have a DVD rom anyway.

On the other hand I can still play simcity 2000 on my desktop, and I play forge of empires on a tablet.

Its not an online game.

WHAT :open_mouth:?? I thought it was.
Now I might look aggin at getting it.