The goal does not mark as completed


I’m having the exact same problem as well.

I have added the remote origin still I am not able to go further
I get the error remote origin already exist

The goal does not mark as completed, even though the terminal did not complain:


You should be initializing the repository in personal-website, not daw – give that another go.


I still need help as well.


Show me what happened after you initialized your repository from within personal-website?



From your screenshot, you initialized your repository in your workspace directory:

You did not initialize you repository in your personal-website directory.


What is the exact directory I need to initialize the git repository in? There is no mention of the directory location anywhere.


Remember, back in this exercise, you created your new personal-website and you used ls to make sure that it existed?


Ah okay, after restarting the course from the lesson you linked, it finally worked! Thanks :slight_smile:


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