The gif just spins

Tried everything I have seen on here and still doesnt work.

@bortiz2012, Are you receiving an error? or is the entire browser failing when you try to pass the lesson.

There is no error. I’ve made a mistake on purpose on this lesson and it catches it. It gives me an error as it should. It loads “Whats your first name?” on the screen but then it doesnt move past that. the gif just spins.


What lesson are you on?

Third lesson on Ruby-Getting Input.

Do you put your name in? It’s asking for a user input so if you don’t do anything then it’s not going to progress.

It just doesn’t work effciently for me on chrome, I switched to firefox it works better. I am getting 502 gateway errors when I try and access the Q&A with google chrome its annoying

I’ll try Firefox. Wouldnt hurt to try. I’ve been stuck on that for A WHILE.

Tested lesson 3 with,

print "What's your first name?"
first_name = gets.chomp

and upon entering a first name, it passed.

I have that exact code. Now, did you just hit enter and add a name in double quotes?

We don’t input quotes, but yes, I did input a name, wee.

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same thing happens to me

same thing is happening to me. i thought i was getting it wrong. did you find n answer yet

Do you see the question from your print statement in the terminal window?
Did you respond to the question?
Did you press enter after your response?

If you said yes to all of those and you are still getting an error, then please post your code.

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Worked for me thanks a lot

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Same problem here! It’s frustrating.

Do you see the question from your print statement in the terminal window?

What have you got so far?