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Hi Everyone, think I am done with the first one.
Was a lot of fun and definitely took a bit longer than I expected it to, but my goal was to play around and use as many complicated (to me) ideas as I could come up with. Hands on no more than 20 hours, but the planning and thinking definitely took it’s time.

Repo - GitHub - LRemezs/
HomePage - Leo Remezs

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Congrats! Very interesting concepts, I am a beginner so I can give feedback mostly on functionality.
The Post it notes are ‘trembling’ if I put the cursor at specific positions, I am not sure if this is normal.
I like how you presented your skills.
Also, I can’t navigate to the third square on the right.

Hi, Leo.

Thank you for sharing your portfolio with us!

One of the first things you should work on is making your portfolio responsive. It’s important to ensure that every device has a great viewing experience.

Then here are some other thoughts and opinions on making it more user-friendly:


  • Your header and click to drag fonts are legible and not legible at the same time. Blocky fonts or fonts that have minimal letter-spacing can be difficult for some people to read.
  • For your click & drag feature, it would be more intuitive to include the cursor: grab; and cursor: grabbing
  • I also think it would be a good idea to make the entire box clickable and not just the text
  • Another important thing to think about is that some people do not use a mouse to navigate. While tabbing doesn’t break the page, it does shoot everything off to the left


  • I previously mentioned that some people do not use a mouse, which makes your information inaccessible to some users
  • Cursive fonts can also be tricky, an increased font-weight assists readability with some and not with others
  • Because each “sticky note” prevents the display from going away, it creates a pretty nauseating effect. All you need to do is have your mouse hover in between notes, and you will see what I am talking about
  • Then, touching on the intuitive part again, items that are hoverable should have cursor: pointer; as a style


  • You should know what I am going to say about hovering :wink:
  • Another important topic to keep in mind when publishing sites is that grammar and proper spelling are essential. Always double check (and if English is not your first language, never be afraid of asking for assistance or going to other resources for help)

Hire Me & Projects

  • I do not have much to say about these pages other than perhaps adding a hover effect to the anchor tag on the Hire Me page to remove the underline.
  • Note: You seem to have put a lot of effects and such into the other pages and left these two pretty plain


  • Interesting but strains the eye
  • May cause motion sickness for some users, should consider an option to pause the scrolling animation

Overall, you did a great job of testing yourself, and this is a great place to start! Keep up the great work and happy coding!
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