The Envelope Project

Here is my contribution to the world of personal finance:

I found it moderately challenging. Set up was a drag; Postman did not want to set up it’s desktop client on my Raspberry Pi, so after trying a few things I settled on an extension for VS Code called REST Client. It was easy to use and worked like a charm for testing routes!

No front end for this project (hey, I got into this back-end path to avoid html) but I am quite proud of the database I put together for it.

First of all, the database nests the envelope objects within User objects that represent individual user accounts. Routes and database functionality are provided to CRUD user accounts and CRUD personal budgeting envelopes from within each account.

Coolest of all (for a newb such as myself), the database automatically saves updated info on users and envelopes in a users.json file so that data persists even when the server goes down. You can turn it off, fire it back up, and all the info will be there waiting for you. A route is provided to reset the database for testing purposes.

Further details in the Enjoy!

I am very new to this code, For the time being, I am working for PenMyPaper. While working with them I realised that I need to acquire some knowledge of Coding. That’s why I ended up to your site. Thanks for sharing such important information.