The Django Djitney 404 not found

I’m getting an Error 404 Page Not Found error while working on The Django Djintey project of Build Python Web Apps With Django course.

Everything runs as expected until step 12, where I have to enter the name of a new Djitney Line. When I enter the name in the field then press submit I immediately get a 404 page not found error. I went back and followed the instructional video but I don’t see where my work is different from the instructional video. I’m just really confused. I’m not getting a trace back error to see where the problem is.

Has anyone experienced this issue before?


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I come across the same issue, I restarted the project, followed the Walkthrough and still come to the same issue.

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So I opened this project up today and tried hitting sumbit and this time it worked. I didn’t make any changes, it just worked this time.