The course says it is ok but i am not sure (The Grand finale) :)


My code was behaving fine

I was expecting an error because i am not really sure what i coded :smiley: .Somehow i think that this code is not a correct answer.

Replace this line with your code. 

def the_flying_circus():
    if 8 < 9 and 20 < 30:     
        return True    
    elif 9 < 10:
        return True 
        return the_flying_circus


Hi @imatic86,

Your code is a correct solution for this exercise because it meets the exercise specifications, including the requirement that the the_flying_circus function must return the value True.

Since the if and elif conditions are both True, the else block is guaranteed not to execute. Nevetheless, an interesting issue to think about is what object the function would return if the conditions were modified so that this statement gets executed ...

        return the_flying_circus


Thank you for your help.I hope that it is normal even in this early stage to be confused.:slight_smile:It is my first language so far.