The Color Changing(there was some bug)



can you post your code (aka, copy and paste it to the forum) so i can run? to make your code visible, either select your code and press ctrl + k (cmd + k for mac) or add backticks before and after code, like so:

<p>visible code</p>

backtick is located above the tab key on your keyboard. It could also be you hit a glitch, it looks fine, try a different browser as work-around, if that doesn't work, post your code


Howdy there! My name is Li Feng.


	<h1 style="color:green; font-size= 16px">Big Heading</h1>
		<p style="color:violet">A giant bear and a little duck were friends.</p>
		<p style="color:red; font-size= 10px">But the bear got hungry and ate the duck.</p>

I'm still getting the error which says : Oops, try again. It looks like your header's font-size is 32px instead of 16px. HELP !!!


you use a equal sign after font-size, you should use a colon (in both your heading and second paragraph)


Thanks a lot @stetim94 !!!