The coding areas are not working on my home internet, but works on my school internet

I work on my school-issued Chromebook, and when I’m at school, it works fine. But when I am on my personal internet (both LAN and hotspot) I cannot get it to show my code or the terminal.

Hi @mewfinity welcome to the forums.

Did you ever use CC on your own device in your school WiFi?

Yes, and it worked. I have no firewalls on my personal internet, and I get 100 up and down

That’s odd. Did you try using a different browser or restarting your WiFi?

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Yes, several times. I cannot get any other browsers on my Chromebook because of the way my school has it set up. I am using the most recent version of Chrome.

This is all I see

There’s a few things that might interfere with the connection, since there’s nothing wrong with the cc side (as you’ve already surmised) the natural assumption is that’s your set-up at home that’s problematic (or the limitations imposed by the school are negatively impacting your options with other networks)-

The following is a general collection of several things that are worth nosing your way through-

It’s not a guaranteed solution by any means but it’s definitely a good start.

It might be worth speaking with the school. Since you’re obviously doing this for a good reason and the same issue could affect other students (selling point :wink:) I think you could put forward a good case to get them to spend some effort looking into it. The fact they’ve limited browser installs and similar means my first guess would be that it’s their settings that are causing this issue.

Thanks! Now all I have to do is wait until Monday!