The Code Works, but I'm Told It's Wrong


There seems to be no problems with my code, and it even functions properly when sumbitted/tested (it changes the background color of the boxes) in the preview editor. However, Codecademy leaves the error message:

"Oops, try again. It does't look like your background color changed, is your hover adding the class active?"

I changed the double quotes to single quotes, and I still receive the message. I also followed the instructions fully on the preview editor (hovering over the div). Does anyone know what's wrong with my code? Thanks!





Be sure to follow the instructions on the full page preview.

  1. Click inside the window to give it focus
  2. Mouse over a div and pause for two seconds
  3. Mouse off the div and pause for two seconds
  4. Return to editor


Have the same issue with the same problem.
This is the error code: Oops, try again. Unable to get property '1' of undefined or null reference


have the same issue.


I had the same issue. I eventually got it to work by only putting my mouse into only one of the div's and taking out it.


The same. Will subscribe.


Yup, worked for me!