The code keeps running


Hello Codecademy Team,

 I am currently doing your introductory "Python" programming language course, "String Formatting With %, Part 2" and after answering the three questions, the code keeps running.  Could you please help me solve this problem?  My syntax states, print "Ah, so your name is _%s__, your quest is _%s__, " \

"and your favorite color is %s__." % What is your name? "Hello %s" % ("Ian")
What is your quest? "To %s the %s %s" %
What is your favorite color? "Blue" I would really appreciate it! Thanks!


Ian Michael Jones

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I wasn't sure exactly which section this belonged in but I've moved it this far, so it is closer to home now :smile:


Hey Dio123,

Could you please post your code and give a link to the exercise you're on?