The code is only doing the first if, no matter what i type in the second if


var userChoice2 = prompt("You wake up...and see an ocean.  There's a beach and a small stash of supplies on the left and on the right there is a forest..what do you choose?");

if (userChoice2 = "supplies") {
    confirm ("You found 2 apples, a shiv, and a lighter")
    confirm ("You can turn towards the forest or stay in one spot.")
else if (userChoice2 = "forest") 
    confirm ("You walk towards the forest...the forest is dark and arnt alone.  A monkey jumps out and attacks you. Darkness fades in.");
    confirm ("You are Dead");


A comparison looks like this,

userChoice2 === "supplies"


haha, thats funny because i fixed it as soon as you replied :smile:thanks!!