The code don't runs, please help


Hi friends. In the 'Introducción a las funciones en JS' training course, is not possible to pass from chaper 6 'No Te Repitas' to the chapter seven. although the code runs in a normal web browser, at the console training enviroment don't run. Please any coments? Thanks a lot

The error mesage that i've is: ' ¡Uy! Probá otra vez. Tu función debería haber sido igual a 25, porque es el resultado de comprar 5 naranjas a 5 dólares cada una. Pero el resultado no es 25 '.

var costoNaranjas = function(precio){
    var costo = 5 * precio;


According to the instructions, you don't have to assign the product to a variable. So, remove the variable and just do console.log (5 * precio);


Thanks gvm. But still doesn't works.
This's my new code:

var costoNaranjas = function(precio){
console.log (5 * precio);

... and the error is the same.
I think, is possible an web app error (training page), because I have a msg that says: 'you've completed this lesson!, and still I can't go to chapter number 7, please check the attached screenshot.
Thanks for your advise.


I found the solution at:

But I don't understand why 'console.log' don't works.


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