The Classes module of the Learn Python 3 course is garbage

Up to now, the Learn Python 3 course has been like seasons 1 to 7 of Game of Thrones. Well presented, slowly building towards something in a satisfying way that makes sense to those paying attention.

The Classes module is Season 8. It’s rushed, poorly explained and makes little sense. If Classes are this complicated, why try to squeeze everything into two lessons? Even the Strings module has three lessons and two quizzes, and Strings are not that complex.

This entire module needs to be ripped apart and put back together in a way that introduces the concepts more slowly, allows more opportunity to play and practice before moving on to the next concept. There is a lot of programming jargon which is not fully explained, because a lot of prior knowledge of other languages is assumed. For a language which is presented as the best for an inexperienced beginner, no prior knowledge should be assumed at all.

It leaves a very sour taste in the mouth to end the course with this badly designed module that leaves no option but to look elsewhere for guidance. It ruins what is otherwise a fine stand-alone self-guided course. It’s like you’ve just taken the money and decided that 85% complete is good enough before quickly wrapping up and moving on to the next project, just like the writers of Game of Thrones.

Unlike HBO, it won’t cost you $100m to fix this shambles. Please take the time to revisit this module for the benefit of future learners.

I think it’s very hard to be concise and encapsulate all of Python 3 clearly. It’s a compromise. Codeacademy goes more for do-things-first and understand later (which is fine as long as you know that’s what it goes for). I recommend O’Reilley’s python as a serious reference or something like it if you want to get deep into the topics (or corey schaffer’s youtube channel, I like that too).

For the price, there’s few places that give such wide-ranging material in a curated manner (and it’s stuff that gets deprecated too as time goes by, so it’s a tough thing to roll-out new material while editing their existing library). I get frustrated too by CA but overall I think they make a solid product (and whenever there’s an issue, customer care replies right away and the forums help quite fast).

I’m not defending it-- as much as trying to say there’s no one-stop shop. For example, reading O’Reilley is like learning a language by reading the dictionary.


Corey Schafer is awesome! I’ve been supplementing my Codecademy studies with his youtube videos regularly.