The challenge: progress & setbacks

Hi everyone, so I’m 26 days in my 30-day challenge within a streak of 30days of doing general Codecademy stuff.
Looking back I think I made solid progress in the web-dev career path, but there are a bunch of things I forgot already; There’s been a lot of going back and forth between earlier lessons, reference sites, documentation, and the lesson I’m currently at. Just to make the knowledge stick.
( Maybe I’m just dumb, hey!)
How’s your progress, wanna share?


That’s awesome! :partying_face:
Keep going!

No, you’re not dumb. I think it’s easy to beat ourselves up when new concepts don’t automatically stick in our brains. Learning this stuff is hard sometimes. It sounds like you’re doing all the right things–going back over previous lessons, etc. Do you take notes when you go through the lessons? I’ve found that taking notes helps me, as well as writing out code examples in Google Colab (I’m on the DS path).

I have learned to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. Now, that sounds odd, but, it’s true. I’ve learned that it’s okay to get errors and fail. Why? Because that’s how I learn. And then I know I’ll write the code correctly the next time…

This isn’t a sprint and that’s what so many people think. It’s a marathon and one has to pace themselves. (especially when learning something new). Speeding through the lessons to get that checkmark doesn’t really mean anything if you don’t fully understand the concepts presented to you.
I mean, would you beat yourself up if you couldn’t run 26.2 miles w/o any training? No. Or, would you expect yourself to speak another language fluently w/o ever practicing? No.

So, keep on, keeping on. Don’t compare yourself to anyone else. :slight_smile:

Happy coding!

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Hi, great effort making it to 26 days.

I sense you were joking but never the less, you aren’t dumb. If you are then I am and I don’t like the sound of that much!!

I share your experience in forgetting things from earlier in the course and I take comfort in reading comments from people with much more experience that it is normal to have to go back to documentation to check things.

I started on the data path and completed all the SQL elements there. When I reached the SQL part of the web course I felt I had to do the lessons over as I’d forgotten so much of it.

In an ideal world I think I’d have spent a good month just dong more with HTML and CSS outside of codecademy to get really conversant in it rather than just doing the lessons and projects. I’m on the cumulative API projects now so almost done on the path. I think I’ll be going back to basics though once I finish the course.

I have had moments where I feel like I’m just not getting it and feel like stopping and then others where it all makes sense, if even for a moment. Some real ups and downs!

Keep fighting the good fight.