The Career Path can be officially considered a career?

I have a BS in Biological Sciences. Should I put my Data Science Career Path certificate on the same level as my BS in Biological Sciences on my resume?

Hello @ezequielpulicari1326 , welcome to the forums! No, I would say the career paths are on a much lower academic level that a BSc. The certificates aren’t good for too much, as there is no proof (no final exam, etc) that you actually did the work (you could have clicked show solution for every exercise), or even that it was you taking the path. What they’re really designed for is get you skills, so you can create a portfolio to show on your CV, and then in an interview show the skills you have, I think.


You could have a section on your resume under Education and call it “Professional Development” and then mention any courses you’ve taken (Codecademy DS Path) with a brief description where you’ve spent a considerable amount of time completing them (and have the projects to show on your portfolio). It would should your interest in continuing to learn new technologies, etc.