The Brown Bear is not cooperating - I am missing my code


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I am going through the HTML lessen with the Brown Bear. When I type in the code, e.g.

and then type the text required, including the <,p> it disappears in the coding area but shows up to the right on the website example. That seems a big problem because, although I can see the correct example on the website, when the directions say to go back and erase the bear link, I can’t see it, so I can’t continue with the lesson. I don’t get any error messages, the code just doesn’t show, as if I never did it. I need help.

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Sorry, I didn’t even get my post right. it is missing after the e.g. the correct code for the paragraph, which is the information about the brown bear with the ending code for the paragraph.

Suggest try, Run...Refresh...Run. Your code is present, but someone mysteriously does not get sent to the lesson checker on first submission. The issue is known and CC is working to address this platform wide oroblem. Try to bear with it, for now (pun not intended).

Thanks for the tip. I tried it, but no luck. It took my text away and I had to do it again. This time it stayed. Seems like each task I have to do twice to get it to work.

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The engineers are working on this issue. Hopefully it will be corrected is due course of time.

do you know if there are other problems with the Brown Bear exercise? I have not gotten to the part where you delete the brown bear link and change it to the prickly pear, and although I have deleted the link, it still give me an error asking if I have deleted the link. Now I am stuck in the lesson and can’t move forward to complete the exercise. Any suggestion for moving forward?

Sorry, no. Only thing that has worked for me is the workaround mentioned earlier.

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