The Box model lesson having problems


I can't implement the exercises in this lesson because the code both in the css and the html files are not visible. Please how can we solve this problem?

I don't get to see any codes in the editor to modify and perform my exercises. Does anyone know why this is happening?

Replace this line with your code.


Did you try refreshing the page ? if so try: resetting the code, by clicking get help > reset lesson


click back botton and then click forward botton then see the result if this does not help go to get help botton then choose reset this exercise


Thanks guys for your helpful advice. Unfortunately it didn't help. When I
clicked the get help button I didn't find the option to reset the exercise.

Just so you know I am using edge which was working fine until I got to this



Can you try another browser please


I'm using the Google Chrome browser and I had the same problem up until exercise 5 in this lesson because there was no scroll down bar in the web browser on the right. But after the --> overflow: scroll; code the page showed its own scroll down bar.
Apart from that I think the web browser is not working correctly here. So this bug should be fixed.


Jolie my work around to this problem was to use another browser. I
experiencing the problem with edge and explorer on till I changed to Google
chrome. So I suggest you try a different browser to chrome may be it will