The Boredless Tourist

Hello all, I’m quite a n00b and I’ve really enjoyed the Computer Science path (Python) so far. I just wanted to provide feedback on the The Boredless Tourist exercise or topic.

I find the instructions at some of the steps quite confusing at times. For example from step 16 to 18 the instructions do not specify if one should work from the body of the function or not. I had to use the code walkthrough to figure this step out. And that’s ok but I feel like it could be made clearer when one is supposed to work from the body of the function compared to outside of the function.

I just wanted to provide that feedback as this project has proved a bit challenging because of how unclear some of the steps are.

Again, I am a beginner so it helps if some steps are laid out clearer. I don’t mind searching the internet for things but the instructions in the project, I feel, should be clear.